Our Background

Rasumi Medipharma Sdn. Bhd. is based in Malaysia with the head office located in Seremban. It operates in the Pharmacies and Drug Stores sector. The enterprise was incorporated on 24 March, 2006.

A long the journey, Rasumi Medipharma has done more than 300,000 transactions of drugs and medical devices supplies to more than 10,000 patients. With more than 40 dedicated staffs including 10 registered pharmacists, the operation is focused on medication dispensing to the patients and also sending directly to their home for free of charge as a value added service.

Systematic and good logistic mechanism of medications supply directly to patients’ house can be done quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Rasumi Medipharma also involve with private sector which can generate good income and returns. Existing medications supplies module and customer service strategy through online portal will be expanded and customized to the need of the private sector.

Company Vision & Mission


Rasumi will be a supplier partner and innovative medical services and efficient in Malaysian health industry.


  • To offer and provide the most competitive cost for service and management system of medication supply.
  • To offer and provide a better quality and cost effective solutions that specially designed to meet customer needs.
  • To be a long-term and trusted health partner to our customers.
  • To register and import new products into Malaysia and distribute them locally.


Our Services

Rasumi Medipharma Sdn. Bhd. provide medical services which include supplying drugs prescription and medical devices to patients.